Benefits Of A Massage To Relieve Work Stress

Work-related stress can take over your life in many ways. From making you lose focus while on the job to making you irritable when you are home with family, stress can keep you from being productive wherever you are. You can battle your work-related stress by adding a massage to your schedule. Find out how getting a massage can make all the difference to your productivity, and learn about the many other benefits this therapeutic touch can give you.

Massage helps keep sick days at bay

When you get a massage, your body instantly begins to produce white blood cells, while reducing your stress hormone at the same time. White blood cells are necessary for a productive immune system. Since stress is a leading cause of what makes people sick and have to miss work, getting a massage can keep you in top form and allow you to be healthy, alert, and focused while on the job. Fewer sick days means more productivity, and helps you remain stress-free, even when the biggest projects come your way. If you've never had a massage before, a Swedish massage is an excellent type to get for all-over body relaxation.

Massage helps you focus

If you are unable to focus at work and feel like you are being pulled in too many directions at once, massage can help you. Aromatherapy massage in particular can help relieve stress and put your mind back at ease. Using essential oils to relax your body and mind, aromatherapy provides you with a calming atmosphere that relieves your mind of all the stressful deadlines, budgets, and demands that your job places upon you. As you get an aromatherapy massage, these oils are best for helping to clear your mind and allow you to focus better:

  • lavender
  • geranium
  • lemon grass
  • pine
  • rosemary
  • juniper berry

Rosemary and Juniper berry are especially beneficial for helping you focus and relieve the angry stress that keeps you from being as productive as you can be.

Massage inspires and invigorates

If you are feeling so rundown at work that you simply don't feel beneficial anymore and can't find the inspiration to keep showing up to the office every day, an energy massage can give you the boost you need. Using your own natural energy to invigorate you, this massage focuses on your Chakras to remove negative energy and allow more useful energy sources to shine through. Special attention to your Solar Plexus Chakra can help give you the self esteem you need to overcome work stress and feel viable again.

Massage can help you get rid of work stress once and for all. Whether you just need a mental boost or all-over relaxation, massage can give you the relief you need and help you leave work stress far behind you.