What Kind Of Hearing Aid Does My Child Need For School?

Certain hearing aid technologies make it easier for children to adapt to life at school. Here are some of the most important features to look for. 


A wireless hearing aid is one of the most useful features for teachers and students. With wireless connectivity, teachers can hook the hearing aid directly up to a microphone placed near the teacher's mouth. While traditionally, students needed to tune out the sounds of other children's noises in the classroom, the wireless hearing aid can deliver crystal clear sound from right near the source. 

Wireless hearing aids can also be hooked up to other media devices. Since a lot of learning is done through interactive media, such as on tablets and computers, the ability to hook the hearing aid directly into these devices is a great feature that will ensure your child doesn't miss out on those activities. 

Noise Reduction Features

Digital noise reduction is another feature in some hearing aid brands. These technologies are useful for taking white noise out of a signal to improve the audio quality. Essentially, the software has been trained to understand which frequencies are unwanted in a sound bite, such as excessively high frequencies, and edit them out. 

Directional Settings

It's essential that children's hearing aids can also be tuned to focus on a single direction or to be omnidirectional. There are instances where the child will want to focus their attention in one direction, such as when the teacher is speaking, but there are also school settings where an omnidirectional microphone is a safer choice, such as on the playground or in gym class. 


Finally, automation can be very helpful in the classroom. It will allow for greater sound accuracy and customization even when you're not around to help your child. As an example, you could set several different hearing aid settings for different levels of noise and different school settings. Then, your child or their teacher can simply press a button to switch to the audio profile for the correct environment. 

These are some standard features that are often recommended for children in classrooms. Aside from getting help in choosing the right hearing aid brands for your child, it's a good idea to discuss the hearing aid features with your child's teacher so that they can help make sure that your child is taking advantage of the best hearing aid features in each activity. 

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