Prevent And Manage Ankle Pain With The Right Footwear

Prevent Ankle Pain with the Right Footwear

Being constantly rankled by arthritis ankle pain can be frustrating, and it can make it very difficult- and even painful- to walk. While there are many medical treatments that can help manage sprained ankles or arthritis ankle pain, these solutions are usually short-term and do not prevent further damage from occurring to your ankle.

Wearing the right shoes can be a simple, yet effective way to help manage ankle pain and protect your ankle from further injury. If you suffer from ankle pain, wearing the right shoes can reduce foot pain and help make walking more comfortable.

Shoes to Avoid

  • High Heels

While spiked heels may look good on you, they can damage your feet and aggravate ankle pain. This is mainly because they provide less stability, which makes it easier for you to roll your ankle while walking. High heels also squeeze your toes and actually thrust your feet into an awkward angle which can cause excruciating pain especially on an ankle weakened by arthritis.

  • Tight Flats

Flip-flops also fall flat on safety because they do not provide any arch support for your feet. Rigid flat shoes that have a narrow toe can be especially uncomfortable as they can also cause your toes to bend. The heel protection on sandals and flip-flops is usually reduced, making it more likely for your feet to wobble and twist your ankle.

Shoes to Buy

  • Low, Comfortable Heels

A shoe with a thick, low heel offers the arch support you need to stay on your feet without your foot rolling. If you still feel uncomfortable in your shoes, try using shoe inserts and insoles as they act as shock absorbers and reduce pressure on the ankles.

Shoe inserts can do wonders for your ankle pain they put your foot in a comfortable angle and take pressure off your lateral ligaments. A rubber insole can also be a great addition to a shoe without proper heel support because it improves the arch support you get and thus reduces ankle pressure.

  • High-top Sneakers and Boots

These shoes are made of firm leather and other supportive materials that can act as effective braces for your ankle, reducing ankle pain and swelling. Shoes that hold the foot tightly make it safer to walk without the risk of the foot rolling and can also be great for controlling painful movement.

If you dislike high-top sneakers and would rather use your regular shoes, using elastic ankle braces or compressive socks can also provide the extra support needed to control ankle pain.  To learn more, visit Larsen, L. Craig DPM- Larsen, Clark C. DPM