Kale On Wheels: Tips To Make Your Kitchen Wheelchair-Friendly

Just because you have to use a wheelchair, it doesn't mean you have to give up hobbies. Many times, you can make accommodations that allow you to continue doing things you enjoy. This includes everything from cooking to participating in sports, so you, or a loved one, should never feel that being in wheelchair means giving up on life. It is important to stay active and enjoy life. If cooking is your thing, but you think the kitchen is no place for someone in a wheelchair, you couldn't be more wrong. [Read More]

Senior-Safe: Making Home Safer For An Elderly Family Member

If you have an elderly family member living in your home or if you're responsible for an elderly person living alone, you'll want to ensure that home is as safe as possible. Among older adults (aged 65 or older), one out of three of them will fall each year. For elderly care, a little prevention can go a long way toward a safe home environment. Here are some tips that will help to safeguard your senior family member against potential falls. [Read More]

Benefits Of A Massage To Relieve Work Stress

Work-related stress can take over your life in many ways. From making you lose focus while on the job to making you irritable when you are home with family, stress can keep you from being productive wherever you are. You can battle your work-related stress by adding a massage to your schedule. Find out how getting a massage can make all the difference to your productivity, and learn about the many other benefits this therapeutic touch can give you. [Read More]

Using Botox To Treat TMJ

Botox has long been touted as a beauty treatment for those who want a lift to their eyes or eyebrow areas of the face. It has been a popular choice for celebrities and everyday people alike to help reduce laugh lines and crow's feet. But recent treatments for TMJ have included Botox as a viable solution as well. TMJ is a condition where the jaw tightens uncontrollably, and it can be very painful. [Read More]