What To Expect With A Cancer Screening Colonoscopy Procedure

A colonoscopy procedure is a common medical test you may have heard your friends or family talking about. It's used for preventative cancer screening or to help your doctor make a diagnosis of colon symptoms you may be having. While this medical test often has a reputation for being uncomfortable, it isn't too difficult to undergo. It's the prep phase of drinking laxatives that can be unpleasant. Here's a look at what you might expect when you undergo a colonoscopy procedure. [Read More]

How To Treat Swimmer's Shoulder

If you are a swimmer and have pain in your shoulders, you may be dealing with swimmer's shoulder. Swimmers use their shoulders repetitively as they stroke. These major joints work extra hard and make swimmers more prone to injury. Swimmer's shoulder can be painful, but there are ways to treat it. Here are some options to consider: Take Some Time Off If you train constantly, your first step may be to reduce some of your time training until you heal. [Read More]

Want To Lose Weight? 3 Benefits Of Hiring A Certified Personal Trainer

If you need to lose weight getting exercise is one of the most important things you can do. One way to do this is to hire a certified personal trainer. There are many benefits of choosing this, three of which are listed below.  Can Educate You A certified personal trainer can educate you on exercise and fitness. They can educate you on the different types of exercises that work best for the areas you need to lose weight. [Read More]

5 Benefits Of Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you play rugby or are a track athlete, playing a sport has numerous physical and mental benefits. However, if you play sports long enough, you have a higher risk of sustaining injuries. If you get injured, it is important to seek sports injury rehabilitation promptly. Here are a few benefits of sports injury rehab. Relieve Pain There is no denying that sports injuries can result in excruciating pain. They can keep you off the field for a while and prevent you from performing simple tasks. [Read More]