Using Botox To Treat TMJ

Botox has long been touted as a beauty treatment for those who want a lift to their eyes or eyebrow areas of the face. It has been a popular choice for celebrities and everyday people alike to help reduce laugh lines and crow's feet. But recent treatments for TMJ have included Botox as a viable solution as well. TMJ is a condition where the jaw tightens uncontrollably, and it can be very painful. Using Botox may be an option for some patients who are suffering from TMJ.

What Does Botox Do for TMJ?

Botox works by helping to relax the muscles inside the facial tissue. This is a non invasive procedure using injections and is typically not painful. It works for TMJ sufferers by relieving the tension in the jaws that causes the painful problems many patients experience. There is no hospital stay required, and most patients begin to feel relief within a few days after the procedure. Another added benefit is that Botox can help the jaw relax and look less prominent, therefore helping people look younger. Most treatments are performed by a dental professional and not a medical doctor.

Is Using Botox for TMJ Safe?

The process of injecting Botox takes approximately ten to twenty minutes. Most patients report little to no side effects after receiving Botox treatments for their TMJ, however some people may have a possible allergic reaction. Before you receive the procedure, you should notify your doctor or dentist of any medications you are currently taking as well as any existing allergies you already know about. Pregnant and nursing women are advised not to have the treatments. While most patients will feel relief after their first treatment, it may take more than one session for those who suffer from more severe symptoms. 

What Are the Costs?

The cost for Botox treatment can vary depending on several different factors. If you have health or dental insurance and have been diagnosed as having TMJ, it may cover some or even all of the costs of treatment. If you do not have health insurance or if Botox is not covered, the price can vary depending upon the doctor you choose for the injection as well as the severity of your condition. More treatments needed would constitute higher costs. The relief patients feel from these treatments can last approximately three to six months, so it may need to be repeated, which can also become costly.

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