3 Reasons To Purchase A Walk-In Tub

One of the most useful additions to any bathroom that are going to be utilized by a disabled or elderly individual is a walk-in tub, mostly because of the many comfort and safety features that it can provide. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider a walk-in tub.

Easy Access

A walk-in tub is a great way to ensure that the risk of slipping and falling is reduced as much as possible. The reason for this is that a walk-in tub will have a door that opens that will allow you to simply step into the tub without having to step over the edge of the tub. This is particularly useful for households with elderly individuals who can often find it hard to balance and get over the side of a traditional bathtub and who would be easily and severely injured by a fall.

Deep Sitting Area

One of the nicest reasons to consider a walk-in tub is that it can provide you with a very relaxing and comfortable environment. The reason for this is that most walk-in tubs are going to be extremely deep, which means that you or your loved ones will be able to get completely immersed in the water. The fact that you can immerse your entire body at once can also provide a lot of relief for everything from tired muscles after exercising to aches and pains associated with medical conditions, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Numerous Safety Features

Finally, a walk-in tub should be considered because it will often come with a wide assortment of safety features that will make it even safer for you or a loved on to use. For example, most walk-in tubs will have a number of handles located along the side of the tub and on the walls that can help you brace yourself as you raise or lower yourself into the tub. Another nice safety feature is a non-slip surface on the floor of the tub that will make is extremely difficult for your feet to slip as your try to stand up and exit the tub.

Contact your local contractor or medical supply store today to discuss the many benefits that a walk-in tub can provide. These tubs can provide a deep sitting area for full-body soaking and relaxation while numerous additional safety features and easy access to the tub can greatly reduce the odds of an accident occurring. For more information, visit site like http://www.twincitystairlifts.com.