3 Things You Should Know About Hearing Loss

Are you worried because you can't hear as well as you should and might need a hearing aid? The first thing that you should do is get properly diagnosed with hearing loss, as your condition can stem from something as simple as an accumulation of earwax. In this article, you will learn a few helpful things about hearing aids in case you need to wear one.

1. Getting Hearing Loss Diagnosed

A transtympanic electrocochleography test will be performed, in which the hearing specialist will insert an electrode in your eardrum so it can sit close to the inner ear. As you are lying down in a sound booth, the electrode will measure the electric signals in your ear. Another common hearing test that is performed is called speech audiometry. You will be asked to sit inside of a sound booth with headphones on, and the hearing specialist will ask you to repeat words that are being played on a compact disc (CD). The speech audiometry test will allow the specialist to measure how well you can hear and understand sounds.

2. Some of the Hearing Aid Options Available

You don't have to worry about wearing a hearing device that can easily be seen, such as the ones that are worn behind the ear. If you want your hearing aid hidden, you can opt for one that sits completely inside of the ear canal. There is also the option of choosing an analog or digital hearing aid. You will get better results with a digital hearing aid because it is able to transform sound waves in numerical codes with information concerning pitch and loudness. An audiologist will be able to customize a digital hearing aid to meet your needs better than one that is analog.

3. The Estimated Price of a Hearing Test

The price for a hearing test will vary depending on where you get it done. For instance, if you get your hearing test done at a clinic that sells hearing aids, it is possible that you won't have to pay for the test. You will simply get the test done and purchase a hearing aid at the same clinic. However, if you end up having to pay for a hearing test, you should expect it to cost up to $250. The overall price will depend on the types and quantity of tests that are done. Get in touch with a specialist to find out if you need to wear a hearing aid or not.