Tips For Preventing Bruising After Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can give you a tremendous boost of confidence because they reduce the appearance of your wrinkles and make you look a lot younger. However, the injection process itself can result in you having bruises on your face, which can be difficult to cover up with make up and can also be embarrassing. Here are some tips for preventing bruising after having your dermal fillers injected.

1. Be Smart About When You Get the Dermal Fillers and Where You Get Them

The first thing that you need to know is that there is always a risk of bruising after you get your dermal fillers put in. However, you can take steps to reduce that risk by being smart about when and where you get the dermal fillers. You want to be sure that you don't get the fillers anytime within two weeks of a large special event, such as a wedding, that you will need to participate in fully. 

You also will need to make sure that you go to a professional that has a high level of reviews. The reason for this is that a professional will be less likely to cause massive bruising because they will be more skilled with the injection. By doing your research about where to get the dermal fillers and by planning out when you are going to get them intelligently, you can avoid the worse aspects of dermal fillers.

2. Don't Go to the Gym

Keep your heart rate below 100 as much as possible in order to make absolutely sure that you don't increase blood flow to damaged capillaries. This can quickly result in a moderate, easy to cover bruise on your face blossoming into a full-fledge, black-and-blue horror. Try to avoid exercise for one to three days after your procedure.

3. Ice Before and After

Before you go in for your dermal filler appointment, make sure that you ice down the area that is going to be affected. This will constrict the blood vessels and make them less likely to get in the way of the injection needle, which will make them less likely to be bruised. Putting ice on the affected area after the injection will allow you to make sure that you reduce the blood cell size and therefore the size of the bruise.

For more information, talk to a company in your area that specializes in dermal fillers.