Decor Tips For Your's Parent's New Senior Living Apartment

Now that your elderly parent has chosen their new assisted-living apartment, you are tasked with the overwhelming task of helping them move in. While the actual moving is physically demanding, choosing what items to take, what items to donate, and what items to store can quickly become mentally overwhelming. If you are feeling frustrated by the decision-making process, here are some tips to help you decide what items to move into the new apartment:

Tip: Let Your Parent Choose Their Furnishings and Decorations

It is very important for you to let you parent choose the furnishings, decorations, and other personal belongings that they want to move into their new apartment. While the complex will have some rules about what is allowed and what should not be brought into the assisted living environment, the choice of other items should be up to your parent.

For example, you may want to move a new recliner because it looks better, but your parent wants to take an older chair because it is more comfortable. Since the assisted living apartment is your parent's new home, the choice about what to take should always be theirs, and you should move the older chair. 

Tip: Select Clocks, Artwork, and Decorative Items That Will Fit in the New Space

Once you have decided what furniture items will fit well in your parent's new apartment, you should work together to gather up all of your parent's favorite decorative items, clocks, and artwork for the walls. This is very important because familiar items in your parent's new space will make them feel more at home and adjust to the new apartment more quickly.

Tip: Be Mindful of Tripping Hazards

While you may want to move area rugs or a carpet runner into your parent's new apartment, you need to be mindful of tripping hazards. The best area rugs for senior housing are those that have a low pile and no fringe to trip over. 

Tip: Bring Some Houseplants if it is Allowed

Finally, your parent will feel more at home if there is some greenery or flowers in their new apartment. If you are permitted by the senior housing complex to bring in houseplants, then you should move your parent's favorites. If houseplants are not allowed in the complex, then bring your parent cut flowers from your garden or the grocery store when you visit. This will give them something to look forward to as well.

For additional information, contact a senior assisted living center like Sunnington Assisted Living.