Wearing The Wrong Shoes May Be The Cause Of Your Foot Pain

There are several causes of foot pain, and one of the main ones is wearing the wrong kind of shoes. The wrong shoes can cause pain due to being too tight or not offering enough support. Here are some tips for choosing the right shoes and inserts to help relieve your foot pain:

Wear Shoes With Low Heels

Shoes with high heels and flat sandals are both bad for your feet if you wear them daily. Flat sandals don't offer arch support so you could develop problems like swelling of your Achilles tendon that causes pain in your heels. Shoes with high heels put pressure on your toes. That can lead to problems with corns and pain in your big toe.

Choose Shoes With Wide Toes

Another problem with high heels is that the shoes usually have pointed and tight toes. This squeezes your toes together which leads to a variety of painful toe conditions. Shoes with wide toes allow plenty of room for your toes to rest comfortably without pressing against each other. This is important for shoes you wear every day because some toe problems can become so severe that you may need surgery.

Look For Shoes With Arch Support

Good shoes have firm arch support that helps your feet keep from rolling when you walk. Arch supports are important if you have fallen arches or a gait that causes your feet to roll to the inside. If your arch isn't supported properly, you can develop chronic foot pain in your fascia and tendons that can hurt so bad it is difficult to walk.

Use The Right Shoe Inserts

If you have a known foot condition such as flat feet or plantar fasciitis, then you'll want to wear shoe inserts to help you manage your foot pain. You can often buy the inserts at a pharmacy, but you have to buy the right kind for your condition since inserts are made in different ways for different foot ailments. A podiatrist can help you choose the best inserts and he or she can even make them to custom-fit your feet. Inserts can add padding to relieve pain, provide support to your arches or sides of your feet, and lift your heel to reduce stretching of your tendon. Shoe inserts can be used for the entire sole of your foot or just your heel or toes.

In addition to choosing the right shoes and inserts for your feet to help with pain, you'll want to replace them frequently. Change the shoes you wear every day, but if you tend to wear the same pair all the time, be sure to replace them when they show signs of wear and lose the ability to support your feet.

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