Style Options For Funeral Headstones

Headstones assist us to honor our loved ones after they pass away. The headstone's design should mirror the personal tastes of the deceased, as well as represent how the deceased lived. However, many people have a lot of questions, especially when they are choosing the design of the headstone. At times, you might ask yourself where to start or the right type of headstone to choose. Making the right choice can be a very stressful and daunting task. This article will assist you to make a good decision when choosing a headstone for your loved one.

So what are the different types of head headstones? Before choosing the headstone for your loved one, it is important to determine the images and text you will use. You should know that every letter matters, and it could affect the final design of the headstone. Choosing the letters after you have already settled with a particular design leaves you with limited options. The following are the common types of headstones.

Upright Headstones

These are the most common headstone designs. The headstones are mostly made of marble, limestone, or granite, and they are mounted to the grave using concrete. The standard measurements for upright headstones are 30" wide, 45" tall, and 6" deep.

Flat Headstones

Also known as flat markers or flat tablets, flat headstones are mostly made of bronze or granite. The headstones can be raised to have a slant position from the behind (also called bevel markers or raised-top flat headstones). Also, the headstones can be laid in a flat position. Just like the other headstones, flat headstones come in different colors, sizes, materials, and finishes.

Kerbed Headstones

These headstones are also known as ledger markers. They are full-length headstones that are laid flat — at the ground level. The headstones have a minimum thickness of four inches, which provides more space for modified or personalized expression. Kerbed headstones fit well with other headstones like bevel and slant markers, and work together with the traditional upright headstones.

Cremation Memorials

These resemble upright headstones. However, they have containers, which are mostly made of granite to hold the cremated remains on each side. But, the cremation containers are typically separate from the headstone.

Cremation Benches

Yes, this is what it sounds to be. You can use a bench instead of a headstone. One thing about cremation benches is that they don't need a concrete base. There are some designs that can hold cremation remains of as many as six people. Mostly, cremation benches are used to make memorial gardens look more beautiful.

Find the headstone design that your loved one would be happy with by contacting a funeral home like Maurice Moore Memorials to see your options.