Geriatric Rehabilitation Services With An Emphasis On Exercising

Doctors and other professionals who work in the health care industry repeatedly recommend that elderly people should frequently exercise to maintain good health. You should heed that wise recommendation and make exercise, particularly walking, a part of your daily routine. Exercising becomes very important as you age. By walking for about an hour each morning and evening, that serves to improve your physical and mental health. Exercising daily keeps your joints in good health and helps you to maintain your independence as you grow older. However, when you become ill and need to recover, exercising often can improve your status with planned geriatric rehabilitation services.

Power Of Exercising

As you grow older, your immune systems become compromised. When you exercise, however, that activity improves your immune functioning and helps you to avoid developing diabetes and heart disease among other chronic diseases. Physical therapy rehabilitation is a formidable type of service that helps you to regain strength and movement. Your mental health also benefits when as an elderly person you exercise regularly. Your body provides a natural hormone known as endorphins. Exercise produces endorphins that act as a stress reliever. By exercising, your stress levels are diminished and you become happier and more satisfied. Your sleep pattern also improves and you experience decreased insomnia and disruptive sleep patterns.

Avoid Suffering Falls

As an elderly person, you are at a higher risk to suffer falls, which can result in fractures that disrupt your normal independent activities of daily living. Exercising improves flexibility and strength within your body. Your balance improves as does your coordination when you exercise frequently. Your risk of falling down is then reduced when you exercise. When you are an elderly person, recovery following a fall takes a longer or period of time.

Even if you are about to fall down, control the fall so that you do not end up hitting your head or fracturing an arm or leg. Let go of any packages you have in your hand. Bend your waist as though you are going to sit down. Go down slowly in a stooping position so that you end up on your buttocks in a seated position rather than flailing around and suffering a head injury. If you do suffer a fracture or other injuries though, you will be treated following surgery with planned geriatric rehab services.

Stroke Care

When blood supply to a part of your brain stops flowing, a blood vessel in your brain bursts, which causes damage to your brain. You suffer a stroke and could have a long-term disability. If other people are in your home when you experience stroke symptoms, scream for help. You may have a few seconds to scream or press your panic button for help. You can recover from a stroke, however, with geriatric rehabilitation care.