Live In A State Where Medical Marijuana Is Legal? How To Get A Prescription

Medical marijuana is now legal in most states. There are only a few hold-outs that refuse to allow medical marijuana, much less recreational marijuana. If you live in a state where medical "weed" is legal, and you want to get some from a dispensary on a regular basis, you have to first acquire a medical marijuana card. Here is how to get a prescription. 

Step One: Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Even though this drug may be legal in your state, it does not mean that every doctor is a card-carrying member of the prescription league. Doctors often have to go through a rigorous screening, registration, and licensing process before they are allowed to prescribe marijuana to patients. Your own family doctor may not even be able to prescribe it to you. You have to find a doctor that is licensed and registered with the state as a medical marijuana doctor that can prescribe marijuana. 

Step Two: Present with an Acceptable and Allowable Illness for Medical Marijuana

There are limitations on who can, and cannot, gain access to medical marijuana. You have to have one of the listed conditions that your state allows for prescriptions of this drug. For example, someone with cancer receiving chemotherapy who is nauseous and vomiting all the time is prescribed medical marijuana to regain an appetite and maintain a healthy weight during cancer treatments. Other illnesses include everything from chronic fatigue syndrome to depression. Each state has a slightly different list about which physical and mental health conditions are allowed. If your condition is not on your state's list, you cannot get a doctor to prescribe medical marijuana to you and provide you with a medical marijuana card.

Step Three: Present Your Card at a Licensed and Registered Dispensary Only

There are very stiff penalties in some states for buying street marijuana and carrying that around with your prescription marijuana card. You need to buy only the small quantities allowed by law from the licensed/registered dispensaries. If you are found with street marijuana instead of dispensary marijuana, you could have your prescription card pulled and face a fine or jail time. Since you went to such great lengths to get your card in the first place, it is smarter to get your daily dose of medical marijuana from a local dispensary. (No, your marijuana doctor does not have free samples for you to try right away.)