5 Signs You Need Urgent Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse is a serious problem that affects many Americans on a daily basis. Millions of people from all walks of life find themselves trapped in a substance-abusing lifestyle, and they don't know how to escape. Fortunately, substance abuse treatment is available, though it's not the easiest thing to get into due to a lack of funding and support. However, substance abuse is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible because it carries very serious risks.

If you're wondering whether substance abuse treatment is necessary for you, use the following list as a guide:

1. You Feel Like You Can't Stop Using A Substance 

Most substance users can stop when they want to. However, substance abuse treatment is needed when the problem causes you to lose control over your substance use. This is known as substance addiction and indicates a substance use disorder. When you feel like you cannot stop using drugs or alcohol, even if the addiction has led to legal or financial issues, urgent treatment is likely needed.

2. Your Substance Use Impacts Your Work and Relationships

If your substance abuse has impacted your ability to work, engage in hobbies, or maintain strong relationships with loved ones, it's time for substance abuse treatment. If drug use begins to impact you negatively at work, it is important to seek help promptly.

3. Financial Problems

Substance abuse costs money, and it's only a matter of time before the money runs out. While substance abuse treatment is expensive, not getting help will put you at risk of sinking more money into the substances you are intaking, which will only lead to greater financial problems in the future.

4. Legal Issues

Substance abuse is bad for your health, and it's also illegal in some cases. You may find that substance abuse causes you to get into legal trouble with law enforcement, especially if you're engaging in criminal behavior under the influence.

5. Health problems

You should seek immediate substance abuse treatment if the problem negatively affects your health. Substance abuse can be very damaging to your physical and mental health. You may find that it has caused you to develop an addiction, which causes you to experience withdrawal symptoms if you don't use the substance of choice on a consistent basis. In severe cases, substance abuse can cause seizures, strokes, heart attacks, and more.

If substance abuse treatment has never been an option for you, consider the fact that the longer substance abuse goes untreated, the more severe of a problem it will become. To learn more, contact a substance abuse treatment service.