Geriatric Rehabilitation Services With An Emphasis On Exercising

Doctors and other professionals who work in the health care industry repeatedly recommend that elderly people should frequently exercise to maintain good health. You should heed that wise recommendation and make exercise, particularly walking, a part of your daily routine. Exercising becomes very important as you age. By walking for about an hour each morning and evening, that serves to improve your physical and mental health. Exercising daily keeps your joints in good health and helps you to maintain your independence as you grow older. [Read More]

Oversights That Can Increase Your Risk Of Having A Noticeable Scar After An Injury

When you sustain any type of wound, the manner in which you deal with it can go a long way toward you having a scar for the rest of your life and your skin eventually showing no sign of the injury. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know how to care for wounds, and may react in a manner that isn't ideal. There are certain behaviors that can increase your risk of having a scar that might otherwise not be evident in the months and years after your injury. [Read More]

Understanding California's Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP)

If you live in California and your doctor has suggested you try medical marijuana to treat your medical condition, then you should consider enrolling in the state's MMIC program. If you are unfamiliar with the MMIC program, the below information will help you understand its purpose and how it is related to purchasing medical marijuana from a local dispensary. California's MMIC Program To make law enforcement's job easier and growing, purchasing, and transporting medical marijuana safer for patients and caregivers in the state of California, the MMIC program was created. [Read More]

When Your Medication Isn't Enough: 3 Reasons For Poorly-Controlled Hypertension

Most people are prescribed medication for hypertension because having high blood pressure for any length of time can lead to irreparable damage. In some cases, you might take your medication as prescribed, but your blood pressure might still be high. There are a few changes that might help bring your blood pressure back to a normal level. You Need Your Medication Changed If this is your first time taking a blood pressure medication, it is normal to need your medication changed until you find the right type of medication and dosage that works while keeping any side effects to a minimum. [Read More]