What Your Child Is Missing When You Get Them Vaccinated

While getting your children vaccinated continues to be debated, what is important to remember is what serious illnesses your child won't get because they were vaccinated. Your children's doctor offers vaccinations to prevent them from suffering through illnesses that many children in the past had to face. Review the following list of potential illnesses that your children will avoid when they are fully vaccinated to learn what the vaccines are really doing for their health. [Read More]

Is A Root Canal A Lifelong Fix?

The thought of having a root canal is far from pleasant, yet root canal treatment can save your tooth when the pulp inside gets infected. How long a root canal will last varies, depending on a number of factors. Often, however, with proper restoration and care, a treated tooth will last for a lifetime: Increased Chances for Success Early treatment is a key contributor to the success of a root canal. [Read More]

5 Reasons To Choose Laser Dentistry

Are you apprehensive about going to the dentist? If so, there may be a solution that can help you with some types of dental work. The key to feeling less anxious when visiting the dentist is to be confident you will be treated with care. This may be achieved better for some anxious dental patients by using laser dentistry to get certain procedures completed. Reason #1: Less pain Rather than having an invasive dental procedure done that may be painful during and after, you should consider laser dentistry. [Read More]

Three Exercises For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Exercise can be bittersweet for those with fibromyalgia. Consistent exercise can reduce pain and other symptoms of the disease, but doing too much too soon can lead to days of intense soreness. If you're looking to begin an exercise program that won't leave you couch-ridden the next day, there are a few low-impact workouts you should consider. Yoga Yoga is known for bringing peace of mind and increasing flexibility. For patients struggling with the symptoms of fibromyalgia, it may have a few added benefits. [Read More]