Skin Care Tips Just Before The Wedding

Skin care should be a lifelong exercise, but there is no denying that you will want to have an extra "glow" just before your wedding day. If you have been caring for your skin all the months leading up to your wedding, then you have already done most of the work. Here are some last minute tips you can try:

Avoid New Products Just Before the Wedding

This is not the time to start experimenting with new skin care products. The temptation to try that new makeup you saw on TV (or that shampoo suggested by your aunt) may be great, but you shouldn't give in to it. People's skins react differently to different products, and what works well for your aunt may react differently with your skin. You may even be allergic to one of its ingredients. Either choose (and try) your products long before the wedding or stick to your usual products.

Deal Gently with the Occasional Pimples

Despite your best care, you may not be able to avoid the occasional pimple. What is more disheartening is that stress has been known to cause whiteheads, and pre-wedding stress is common with many people. Simple measures you can try to deal with the whitehead include:

  • Applying hot and cold compresses
  • Dabs of cottonwood soaked in milk in order to reduce skin irritation
  • Dabs of benzyl peroxide to kill bacteria on your skin
  • A dab of toothpaste (real paste, not the gel variety) to shrink the pimple

Whatever you do, not prick or tug at the whitehead because that will only leave your skin with a more visible mark.

Don't Over-Scrub

Although it is every bride's (and bridegrooms too) wish to be clean and smooth for the big day, you cannot achieve this via too much scrubbing. You may think you are getting rid of the breakouts, but you will just be over-exfoliating your skin. This is bad because you just make your skin red and oversensitive. Gentle and not too frequent (and perhaps only twice a week) exfoliation is best, preferably with a natural scrub.

Get Enough Sleep

Lastly, you should ensure you get a good night's sleep before your big day. Lack of sleep causes dilation of blood vessels, and this will show on your skin and eyes. This is what causes those lusterless looks and sagging eyes when people don't get enough sleep. This is also the same reason you should avoid alcohol; it will interfere with the quality of your sleep. Ask your doctor for a prescription sleeping pill if the wedding jitters are causing you insomnia.

Ultimately, you can only get the beautiful and glowing skin you want for your wedding if you start the preparations early enough. Talk to the professionals (your doctor, dermatologist, makeup artist, and others at places like Advanced Urgent Care) long before the wedding. They will help you come up with the appropriate skin care regimes.