Why Is This Happening? 4 Signs That Your Vaginal Prolapse May Require Surgery

If you're a woman, you run the risk of developing vaginal prolapse. If you've gone through multiple pregnancies, your risk goes up considerably. Unfortunately, you might not realize that you've suffered from vaginal prolapse. You might just think that the symptoms you're experiencing are part of the aging process. To a certain extent, you're right. Some of the symptoms of vaginal prolapse are age-related. However, that doesn't mean that help isn't available for the problem. If you've been experiencing any of the symptoms described below, you need to speak to your doctor. You may benefit from pelvic reconstructive surgery.

You Urinate When You Laugh or Sneeze

If you leak urine whenever you laugh, sneeze or apply any other type of pressure to your pelvic and bladder region, you may be suffering from more than just a weak bladder. You may be dealing with a vaginal prolapse. This is particularly true if you've had multiple pregnancies. With each pregnancy, the vaginal floor gets weaker. The weaker it gets, the less able it is to hold your bladder in place. When that happens, your body starts leaking urine. If you urinate when you laugh or sneeze, it's time to talk to a doctor.

Unexplained Pressure in Your Pelvic Region

If you feel unexplained pressure in your pelvic region, or lower back, that pressure could be caused by vaginal prolapse. The pressure is the weight of your uterus, and other internal organs pressing down on your pelvis. If the pressure gets worse when you stand up, and is alleviated when you lay down, you need to speak to your doctor.

Painful Intercourse

If intercourse has gotten uncomfortable, or downright painful, for you lately, the problem could be caused by vaginal prolapse. Once the pelvic floor fails, your uterus and other internal organs begin to drop down into the pelvic cavity. During intercourse, pressure is being placed on your uterus, which can cause extreme pain. You don't have to live with the pain, or avoid intercourse. Pelvic reconstructive surgery may be able to repair the damage so that you can enjoy pain-free intercourse again.

Swollen Protrusion from Your Vagina

If you feel something protruding from your vagina when you wipe after urination, that protrusion could be the result of a vaginal prolapse. Wash your hands, and then feel the protrusion. If it feels like a bubble, or you can push it back into your vagina, you need to speak to your doctor as soon as possible. You may need pelvic reconstructive surgery to repair the damage. 


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