3 Reasons To Invest In A Temperature Scanning Kiosk

If you want to keep your employees and customers safe, you will want to screen employees, visitors, and guests to ensure that no one who is sick comes into your business. One way to do that is with a temperature screening kiosk. This type of kiosk provides you with a contactless temperature sensor that provides live temperature readings, which are displayed on a large HD display, with contactless hand sanitizer ready to dispense out as well. 

A temperature screening kiosk can use facial recognition to recognize who they are scanning and check the temperature. This can be used to keep records of employee health check-ins. They use infrared technology to record one's temperature. As the temperature reading is contactless, it is easy to determine someone's temperature without spreading diseases. 

Allow for Restricted Access

If you want to keep your workplace healthy, that means keeping people out who are sick. You can limit or restrict access for any employee or visitor who is flagged for an abnormal reading. You can have the machine set up to release a badge to those with a clean scan and deny a badge to those with a fever. This allows you to keep individuals with fever out of your building and away from others, helping to reduce the spread of disease in your space. This will help create a safer indoor environment for everyone. This can help provide a level of health protection to your employees and visitors against not just COVID but also during cold and flu season. 

Contactless Screening

If your business has started screening, it is essential to limit contact as much as possible. You don't want to use the same thermostat on everyone, nor do you want someone taking everyone's temperature; that person could easily get sick.

Instead, you want a genuinely contactless system. With a temperature scanning kiosk, no one has to touch the device to get their temperature read, allowing for the cut down of disease transmission via the screening process. The device also releases hand sanitizing, allowing everyone to come into your building with clean hands. It is a great contactless screening measure that doesn't put any people at risk.


With a health screening temperature kiosk, you will have a consistent method of measuring everyone's health before entering the building. The kiosk will only take a few seconds to produce accurate results that you can count on repeatedly.

A health screening kiosk can allow you to restrict access to your building to individuals without a fever, helping to keep everyone inside your building healthier. It is a great contactless screening method that doesn't put any people at risk during the health screening, and it provides consistent results that you can count on.