Keys To Successfully Preparing For A Root Canal

If the pulp of your tooth becomes infected, a root canal may be necessary. It's a standard procedure for dentists today but still, a lot of patients worry about having it done. You won't have to if you prepare in the following ways.

Consult With Dentist First to Make Sure a Root Canal is Warranted

There are a couple of signs that show a root canal is probably needed. They can include excessive pain, a lot of swelling, and warm sensations periodically. If you have any of these symptoms, you'll want to consult with a dentist further and have them look into your dental issues. 

They can perform thorough exams to see your teeth in their entirety. If there is an infection going on that warrants a root canal, your dentist will be able to clearly see and can then get you scheduled for this procedure immediately.

Ask For Antibiotics Prior to Treatment 

If you have to wait a little bit before a root canal can be performed, you should ask your dentist for some antibiotics. They're not going to cure your pain forever, but they will give you temporary relief until your dentist is able to remove the infected pulp.

The antibiotics also will keep the infection from worsening and possibly spreading to other teeth that may be vulnerable, whether it's because of cracks or other structural damage. Just make sure you take the right dose and stop using this medication based on your dentist's recommendations.

Avoid Chewing Until a Permanent Filling is Installed

Immediately after your root canal, your dentist will place a temporary filling over the portion that they drilled into to remove the infected pulp. Until you receive a permanent filling, you want to avoid chewing throughout the day. Stick to a liquid diet so that you don't risk damaging the temporarily filling before it's replaced by your dentist. 

As long as you don't eat anything hard while you recover from a root canal, you're not going to cause any damage to the treated tooth. This is key for not having to go in for regular adjustments. 

If you have an infected pulp and it's causing you a lot of pain, the only way to deal with this dental problem may be to go in for a root canal. Even if this is your first experience with this procedure, you can easily get through it by being as prepared as you can be.