Live In A State Where Medical Marijuana Is Legal? How To Get A Prescription

Medical marijuana is now legal in most states. There are only a few hold-outs that refuse to allow medical marijuana, much less recreational marijuana. If you live in a state where medical "weed" is legal, and you want to get some from a dispensary on a regular basis, you have to first acquire a medical marijuana card. Here is how to get a prescription.  Step One: Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor [Read More]

Family Medicine Vs. Internal Medicine

When you are looking for a primary care physician, you may encounter some physicians who refer to themselves as internal medicine practitioners and others who practice family medicine. The difference between these two options comes down to whom they are allowed to treat. Those who practice family medicine also often practice women's health. A Family Doctor Can Treat a Patient for a Lifetime If you're looking for a physician for your entire family, a family medicine practitioner might be the most comfortable decision. [Read More]

Sleep Apnea: How Many Treatment Options Do You Have?

If your general practitioner diagnoses you with sleep apnea, take every action possible to protect your health. Not only can sleep apnea affect your ability to breathe steadily and properly throughout the night, it can have many long-term negative effects on your health. Learn how to manage your condition with the sleep apnea treatment options below. Oral Appliance Treatment Oral appliances are small devices that fit inside your mouth instead of around or over it. [Read More]

Geriatric Rehabilitation Services With An Emphasis On Exercising

Doctors and other professionals who work in the health care industry repeatedly recommend that elderly people should frequently exercise to maintain good health. You should heed that wise recommendation and make exercise, particularly walking, a part of your daily routine. Exercising becomes very important as you age. By walking for about an hour each morning and evening, that serves to improve your physical and mental health. Exercising daily keeps your joints in good health and helps you to maintain your independence as you grow older. [Read More]